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This collection of flash-games gathered from different sites. If you have more interesting games—please let us know.

Smart Soccer


Be a goalkeeper

Soccer Balls NEW!


Kick the balls out of the referee

Penalty Fever


Another penatly game. Quite hard to win, though

Free Kick Mania


World Cup Penalty Kick Tournament


Flash Dribbler


Magical Kicks


New Star Soccer Trials


Hit different types of aims with the ball.

Dribble NEW!


Put dribbling items from top panel to field squares to score goal. Note - by default, player goes with the ball straight ahead

World Cup Glory


Spin Kicker


Another old good soccer table game (see similar Elastic Soccer below)

ЕВРО 2008 Headers


Old-school volleyball game actually under Euro 2008 sauce. Can be played 2 on one keyboard

Crossing Cup


Nice Matix bullet-time effect here! First you kick corner with one player (arrows to control direction and Space to hit) and then trying to make the goal with another player. On computer's turn you are goalkeeper.

3 on 1 NEW!


This game will evolve your soccer strategic thinking. Use key arrows to move, 'S' for pass, 'D' for shoot.

Agent Footy Routine NEW!


Being football agent is boooring! Riding on chair every day, catching bunch of dollars and cigars, avoiding balls hiting your head. And don't forget to put money in safe (with Space button).

Pregnant Zidane simulator NEW!


It's rather easy for Zidane to hit ball in empty box. But not in this game, because Zidane is pregnant here and he can't move well.

Sushi-ball NEW!


This game is created by hungry japanese programmer. There is no other explanation to salmon, shrimp, flying fish caviar and squid sushi on the top of players' heads. In this game, you are the guy with a squid serving the ball to your sushi mates, who running randomly on the pitch. At first it's easy, because goalkeeper is always playing on your side, but then number of defenders increases...

Goal in one


Try to get the ball into the net in a very few kicks. Look around with ← → ↓ ↑ keys

EURO Headers


Looks like a volleyball for soccer fans

Mortal Soccer


If you tired of kicking ball, you can start kicking butts :)



Try to make goal just moving around and playing with yourself

King of defenders NEW!


Head-only goals here.

Rugby NEW!


Different football. But the same task - to score the goal.

Elastic Soccer


Drag the player's head with your mouse and let him kick. Use [Shift] to control goalkeeper.

Drop kick


World Cup 2006 improvisation.



Not a soccer actually... but the ball is still present!

Free kicks: Simulator of Zinedine Zidane, Louis Figo, and Ronaldinho in one!


Very stylish game. The task is simple: you have to score from a free kick. If you score, go to the next level; if you miss—loose one attempt. You must go through 9 levels with only 10 attempts. The ball can ricochet from the wall, and the direction of the flight changes. The only control here is mouse; the power of shot is regulated by the distance of shooter from the ball. Good luck!

Super World Cup Free Kicks


Amazing design and gameplay. The goal is to score three times in a row. Controls are giving some difficulties at first; everything is done with mouse.



It's the World Cup and you're a penalty taker and a goalkeeper of the national team. Very interesting. The only problem is that the national team is Germany and the goalkeeper is Oliver Kahn.



The favorite entertainment of the childhood.



At first site—very FIFA-like game. By the way, the ball is spinned with Shift, too. The goalie is a hole: everything that flies into the direction of the goal can be considered scored (that's what 'bout the free kicks, the penalties are performed better).



The game for those, who hadn't had an opportunity to juggle with the ball with the legs. Now, you can do it with mouse.

An occasion in the MU dressing room


Throw it like Sir Alex Fergusson!

2 on 2


Four players on the field; you manipulate the players with mouse. To switch the player, you need just to put the cursor over him. Don't forget to use the goalkeeper or the ball could go trough him!



Try to treat this monkey with a coconut!

Vick Plectrum's on the field


You're against the football hero with a blue drunken face. Controls: keyboard + mouse. At first, you may confuse it with the Arcanoid.

Football round


Circles playing football. Just watch the facial impression of the goalie!

Improvised World Cup 2002


An improvisation of the World Cup 2002, created by the junior manager of telephone.ru.


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