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fifaFS v.5.1.20
with documentation and examples

fifaFS v.5.1.20

What's new in version 5.1.20?

• Added UEFA EURO 08 support

fifaFS v.5.1

What's new in version 5.1?

• Added FIFA 08 support

fifaFS v.5.0

What's new in version 5.0?

• Added FIFA 08 Demo support
• Optional GUI progessbar
• Non-console version included
• Minor bugs fixed

fifaFS v.4.99

What's new in version 4.99?

• Added UEFA CL 06/07 and FIFA Manager 07 support
• Minor bugs fixed

fifaFS v.4.9

What's new in version 4.9?

• Improved memory management
• Higher execution speed
• Added FIFA 07 support (demo too)
• All known bugs fixed

fifaFS v.4.8

What's new in version 4.8?

• Added 2006 FIFA World Cup support (demo too)
• Command line game selection with -gametype option (Ex: "fifafs -fix $dir_fifawc06$\data\ -gametype=fifawc06" rebuilds fifa.fat for 2006 FIFA World Cup)
• Crashing with weird FSH files fixed (FSHes from Creation Centre come with corrupted hash section)
• Few small bugs squashed

What's new in version 4.6?

• Added FIFA 06 support
• Added FIFA Manager 06 support
• Most part of the code is rewritten, known bugs fixed
• Working speed increased in 2—3 times

New command line option:
    fifaFS.exe -makeover file.big
    rebuilds big file.

There are slight command set changes.
Old scripts might not work. Read documentation.

What's new in version 4?

• 100% EA compatible FAT rebuilding algorithm
• File Masks ability (say "No!" to long scripts)
• FSH Hashing — the fifaFS' brand new feature
• Command line support — the most useful commands: extract, import, etc
• New scripting facilities

- include

- if, goto, labels, break, trace

- makedir, removedir commands

- write to registry

- predefined variables

- saves backuping

• UEFA CL 04/05 Support

• TCM 2005 Support

currently, fifaFS is the only tool that regenerates FAT and works with .big files correctly
It might restore your FAT if it was corrupted by other programs (like CC 2005 or FATBHBuilder).
Now fifaFS also takes care about FSH files. You won't have mess with textures anymore. Read documentation about FSH Hashing.

What's new in version 3?

Now you can add files into specified zdata_xx.big. This allows to avoid problems with adding new faces. Read documentation and examples included for detailed information.

New commands:

-del — deletes files from bigs
fixfs — rebuilds fifa.fat and zdata_xx.bh
createbig — creates new .big file
fifaFS.exe -l fifa_path\data list.txt — generates complete files list

What is fifaFS?

It is the most powerful tool for patch installing for FIFA, TCM and UEFA. Let alone all the variety of small and trivial utilities like gfxpak, impbig, fatbhbuilder and so on... You won't need them anymore.

fifaFS works with whole game file system which consists of zdata_xx.big and fifa.fat files and usually located in games' data folder.

You don't need to bother about zdata_xx.big, zdata_xx.bh files or fifa.fat. The program updates all these files automatically. You just specify the file name which needs to be added, replaced or extracted.

High productivity and speed of fifaFS is achieved by using script files which contain set of commands. So that you can replace 100 files by executing program only once.

fifaFS is the best solution for making FIFA, UEFA, FIFA Manager patches. We encourage pathmakers to use fifaFS—this is the easiest way to make your patches really working and installable for most of the gamers. fifaFS reads and writes values from registry, it can determine installation directory automatically so you don't need to use install packages.

Download archive containing fifaFS program and lots of examples and documentation on writing scripts and making patches.

We are waiting for questions, suggestions or maybe bug reports in our forum, feedback or email: admin@fifasoccer.ru.


[20.02.2005] Whew! Version 4. Lots of new things
[25.11.2004] Version 3 released. New functions added
[10.11.2004] Testers found no errors. Very public release of v.2.9
[24.10.2004] Version 2.9 goes to beta-testers
[23.10.2004] Version 2.0—now dealing with lz77 compression (used in bigs)
[22.10.2004] Version 1.3
[20.10.2004] The idea appeared

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