What is this site all about?

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What is this site all about? you may ask. Thats a nice question.

This is a filial of www.fifasoccer.ruthe biggest site dedicated to football (soccer) simulators in Russia. For a few years, weve been the leaders among the Internet-resources about FIFA Series. Our very best utilities were known in the world and had succeeded as useful. We had never turned our looks to the outside of Russian-speaking countries though. The reasons for it are many; the main was the language barrier.

Basically, all that time we had simply ignored the rest of the world, caring only about ourselves. And still, we care only about ourselves; but the charts and statistics of our site show that theres a huge interest in us outside the borders of ex-Soviet Union. It is explicable: our programmers, especially the ownerscreative teamwork Mania Softwareare authors of various original utilities and patches, and were cooperating with the most famous sites about soccer simulators in the world.

We are the non-for-profit Internet-resource that is living on our free will and inspiration. We have been in this business for so long that we just could not leave it anymore. Yes, sometimes we had intermissions in the work, but we have never gone offline for a long period.

We are a site run on voluntary basis; and we do not depend on anything or anyone but ourselves. Thus, we are a site of freedom of speech and opinions; and everybody here can state their opinion in any form and shape.

However, we are not a site of polite-correctness, so you may read the worst blasphemies you could ever have heard; and if this offends youwe do NOT care. But believe us, we are reasonable people, who like to say opinions reasonably and professionally, and nothing in what were saying is meant to offend anyone. If you think that were trying to offend your feelings, think about it at least twice and seek for a mistake not in us but in yourself.

Furthermore, we are not a site that is, by any means, insured from mistakes, errors, or just misspellings. We do not have many people, who know English good enough to write without a need of an editors work. Moreover, if you found any mistakes, we would be pleased to receive your report about them.

Still, what is this site all about? The range of our interests is wide enough: we are a site dedicated to football simulators, such as FIFA Series and Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven), and football managers, such as Football Manager and Total Club Manager. Also, it is our tradition not to ignore the real football. We write about main professional football events, still we write our opinion on them.

We not only write about football In Russia, we like to gather together and kick some balls in the football meaning of the phrase. Maybe, someday, when our international project will grow into a big community, we could do international friendlieseverything could happen!

You may want to note that when we say football, we mean European footballor soccer in AmEand if it occurs that we need to refer to American football, we would write American football. Our fundamental viewpoint is that the real football is only oneits soccer. We use both words football and soccer as synonyms.

Once in a whilepretty oftenyou may find our latest utilities and patches here; believe us, you wont feel sorry for downloading them!

Yet, the group that works at the English version of our site is quite small. Thats why at first time, perhaps, we wouldnt be able to do frequent every days updatessome of our members have school, some have college, some work somewhere, some are plainly lazythe inevitable human element.

We would like to receive news and articles from the entire world; working with us is very interesting for those, who like making progress. One of our slogans is quality, not quantity! Also, it seems rational to remember what Austin Powerss dad has said in the movie Goldmember: Its not the size; its how you use it, Austin! If youre ready to show consistent cooperation with us, we would like to greet you in our team.

We need volunteers in:

writing articles about football games;

writing news about football games and the leading sports events of football;

forum moderators;

advisors, etc.

In our turn, we hope to do a lot of creative work and helping you to sublime the creativity of your own.

Now, welcome to the f-site!


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