Every single miracle has to be well planned

//eXigy 12.12.2005 02:59

And weve made a great plan for another football simulation miracle. The subject is Football Manager 2006, the objective is to make the subj even better than it is. Much better. It takes no more than the following five easy steps to do the trick. Follow them and stop muttering fuc useless magic spells and doing enchantments with your mouse.

1. Get the skin. No, stop thinking about horror films and the stuff. Better start thinking about your Football Manager with the greatest look possible. The greatest look provider is called Turnstyle 06; one of the most efficient and complicated skins for FM. Look at and grab.

To make it work, just copy all the files to the dataskins directory and then choose the skin in the game options. To get rid off the automatic filters for news, find the string called „STEP 3: Change“ and put „True“ instead of „False“ for „Value“.

2. Get the logos. Probably the best logos in the world for all the clubs in FM. No additional comments.

For the sake of installation do the extremely difficult copying operation of the folder to data/graphics/pictures/clubs; dont worry if theres no such a directory in /pictures, the only thing that matters is that it must be in /pictures, then you may name it even with your favourite quantum physics term. But dont forget to delete all the other logos before installation.

3. Get the faces. Choose from the overwhelming collection of players heads front parts.

Again, copy the stuff to data/graphics/pictures/players; practically, all the same as for logos. Just try to make it all more organized for your own convenience. Or insert quantum physics term once more.

4. Get the balls. Ive told you to stop thinking about sadomasochism, havent I? Balls for the games in Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera and God knows in how many other leagues.

To get some additional info, read the readme. Pretty strange, isnt it?

5. Get the kits. Not the sewing kits. No, not even the demolition ones. Ive told you to stop thinking about sadomasochism already, havent I? Huh, whatever. Tons of kits for tons of teams.

The only possible recommendation to give here is an advice to download kits in packs, not one kit after another.

Well, thats it. Just do not forget to put the tick away from „Use skin cache“ in the game options, or you wont see anything in the game. This was the last step required for the Football Manager 2006 to become better, much better, as I promised in the beginning. Hope it really did. Manage your teams, visit the f-site and our forum. And have a nice game! ;)


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